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March 8, 2012
Rain early this week brought yet another batch of fresh steelhead into the Chetco River, which continues to fish well considering it is now late in the season. We had a few exceptional days in the past week, hooking 12 fish on Friday along with a couple of five-fish days. Steelhead fishing should remain worthwhile on the Chetco for the next few weeks, with a mix of fresh and spawned fish, and hard-fighting blue backs. The lower Rogue is also kicking out fresh steelhead, along with a few springers every day. We will be switching back and forth between the Chetco and Rogue through the end of March, and then focus specifically on spring king salmon in April. I have a few openings left this month and in April if you'd like to get in on the action. To book the ultimate Oregon or Alaska fishing trip, call (206) 388-8988 or e-mail
March 15, 2012
We are finally getting some of that rain we could have used during the peak of the steelhead seasons. The Chetco, Smith, Elk, Sixes and Rogue all blew out overnight and are expected to remain high through the week. When they come down, we should see another shot of fresh steelhead, along with more springers on the Rogue. Despite the high water, I was able to make a drift down the Chetco yesterday. We ended up landing three bright steelhead, which shows the season isn't over yet. The end of this month we'll be switching out focus to Rogue springers. I have some dates still available for the peak season in April. To book the ultimate Oregon or Alaska fishing trip, call (206) 388-8988 or e-mail
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March 28, 2012
The Southern Oregon Coast continues to get hammered with rain and high water. The Chetco has been blown out or barely fishable for the past two weeks. The season closes Saturday night. Right now everyone is focusing on the lower Rogue, but flows there are still too high for springers. After the big rise expected this week, we may start seeing good fishing for spring salmon next week. We are expecting a big springer run this year, and April tends to be a good month for catching hatchery fish. Wild fish can't be kept until June.
Dates have been filling quickly for this fall's salmon fishing on the Chetco and Smith. I still have some good dates available, but call soon if you have a specific date in mind.
To book the ultimate Oregon or Alaska fishing trip, call (206) 388-8988 or e-mail
Rogue River springer fishing April 2012.
April 15, 2012
Spring salmon fishing on the Rogue River kicked into gear this past week, with most boats getting fish from Tuesday on. Our biggest springer of the week was a beautiful 30-pound chrome-bright hatchery fish, caught by Casey on Saturday (in picture). Flows on the Rogue at the Agness gauge dropped below 10,000 cfs on Saturday, and that has made fishing better. The water temperature also hit 50 degrees this past week, which was a big factor in the good bite on the lower river. We are fishing out of my covered, heated jet boat, anchoring just above tidewater and fishing anchovies with spinner blades in the travel lanes used by the salmon. Fishing should be good well into May. There has been a lot of interest in November's fall king salmon season on the Chetco. Dates are filling quickly, as another big run is expected. I still have Nov. 5, 17, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27 and 28 open, but these won't last long. I also have some dates remaining for the Oct. 1-14 ocean salmon season at the mouth of the Chetco, known as the bubble season. This is often when we get the biggest kings of the year. Dates for September and October peak season salmon fishing on the Coquille River and Coos Bay also are available, but these too will fill quickly. To book the ultimate Oregon or Alaska fishing trip, call (206) 388-8988 or e-mail
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Wild Rivers Fishing
Professional River Guide and Saltwater Capt. Andy Martin
Brookings, Oregon / Gustavus, Alaska
(206) 388-8988 or (541) 813-1082
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April 23, 2012
After a lull in the action the first part of last week, springer fishing on the lower Rogue picked up again just before the weekend. We enjoyed especially good action on Saturday and Sunday, when we boated three to four hatchery salmon a day. Good tides this week should lead to another good week. The springers are good size this year, averaging around 20 pounds. The steelhead action has come to a close on the lower Rogue, but fishing continues to be good in the upper river near Shady Cove. Don't forget to book your fall salmon dates before we fill up. Another big run is expected on the Chetco this fall.  To book the ultimate Oregon or Alaska fishing trip, call (206) 388-8988 or e-mail
Rogue River springer fishing near Gold Beach with guide Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing.
Rogue River spring salmon fishing near Gold Beach.
April 29, 2012
Spring salmon fishing on the lower Rogue River near Gold Beach, Oregon, continued to be good the beginning of last week, but slowed on Wednesday after increased dam releases and rain. We got four springers on Sunday and four more on Tuesday. On Wednesday, fishing was slow, but we got one hatchery springer. Most boats were blanked.
I leave to Alaska this week to get ready for the halibut and salmon seasons near Glacier Bay. The season is pretty much booked up, although I have a few openings for small groups. I'm also taking bookings for the fall salmon seasons on the Chetco, Smith, Rogue, Coquille and Coos. We are expected big returns this fall on all the rivers. To book the ultimate Oregon or Alaska fishing trip, call (206) 388-8988 or e-mail
Brookings Oregon lingcod and rockfish charter fishing charter boats.
Brookings Oregon black rockfish charters.
April 6, 2013
Bottom fishing and lingcod action has been good to excellent out of Brookings, while springers are now being caught daily on the lower Rogue River near Gold Beach. Dan Linville from Chico caught the first springer of the season on my boat in late March, a beautiful 20-pound hatchery chromer. My customers have been catching limits of lingcod out of Brookings, with a nice grade of black rockfish. While a few of the lingcod have been over 20 pounds, most are in the 23 to 25 inch range. I'll be focusing on springers for the next few weeks, as the Rogue will be in perfect shape this coming week thanks to lots of rain the last several days. It's not too early to book those fall salmon trips on the Chetco and Smith. Dates have been filling quickly. Call (206) 388-8988 or e-mail
(541) 813-1082 or (206) 388-8988
Chetco, Smith, Rogue, Umpqua, Elk, Sixes,
Coos and Coquille Rivers at their Best!
Limits, Jan. 3, Chetco River
19-pound Chetco steelhead, Jan. 1
Jan. 1 limits Chetco River steelhead.
Chetco River steelhead Dec. 26,
Chetco steelhead, Dec. 27.
Wild Chetco steelhead, released Dec. 27,
Dec. 27 hatchery steelhead Chetco.
Fish on! Chetco Dec. 28.
Nice hatchery steelhead, Chetco, Dec. 28.
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Jan. 4, 2015
Steelhead fishing is now in full swing on the Chetco and Smith rivers. After a slower-than-expected December, fishing busted wide open New Year's Day on the Chetco, with many guides catching limits. There are currently very good numbers of hatchery fish in the Chetco, and some really nice size wild fish. Last week, one of my customers, Dave from Modesto, caught a 36-inch fish we estimated to weight 19 pounds. The photo is the second one in the gallery to the left.
All of the photos in the new gallery to the left were taken the past week.
The Smith has been fishing slower than the Chetco, but today (Jan. 4) a large number of fish passed the sonar site just above the Bailey Hole. Several hundred steelhead moved into the lower Smith during the weekend.
On the Chetco, we've been side-drifting roe for most of our fish, but also are catching a few fish on plugs. One of the guides working for me, Travis Sallander, got a customer into a 20-pound steelhead on Saturday on a 3.5 MagLip plug.
This is just the beginning of steelhead season, and we should have good fishing through March. While we primarily fish the Chetco and Smith, we also spend time on the Elk, Sixes and Umpqua, depending on what is fishing best.
The lower Rogue River also is fishing well and is an option. We also will begin winter lingcod and rockfish trips soon.
With the new format for our fishing reports, look for updated reports more often, along with a recap of the stellar king salmon season we just finished. Also please check out our new Brookings ocean fishing web site,
To book a trip, call (541) 813-1082 or my cell, (206) 388-8988.
- Andy Martin, Wild Rivers Fishing.
Feb. 3, 2015
What has turned out to be another solid steelhead run on the Chetco and other Southern Oregon rivers has been interrupted by what may turn out to be the biggest storm of the season. The river blew out yesterday. Much more rain is coming this weekend and it may be several days before we are able to get back onto the water. Before this rain, the Chetco was low and clear, which sent most of the out-of-town guides back home. We enjoyed a couple weeks of good fishing, as pressure was light. In fact, we had a few double hookups, and on the better days we were hooking six to eight steelhead. We also were able to do steelhead and lingcod combo trips a few days, and enjoyed good fishing on the ocean. For the steelhead, we have been getting most of the fish side-drifting roe, but also have caught numerous fish on plugs, specifically the new MagLip 3.0 from Yakima Bait Co.
We still have two more months of steelhead fishing on the Chetco, Smith, Elk, Sixes and lower Rogue Rivers. I will be spending much of February and March on the Chetco, but also will be doing some winter rockfish and lingcod trips, especially in March as the lingcod spawn nears its peak. I have some openings for ocean charters in March.
In April we will be turning our attention to spring king salmon on the Rogue River. These are the hardest fighting and best tasting salmon of the entire year. We fish for these from my jet boat, anchoring in the fish travel lanes and running spinners or anchovies. There are still some open dates in April if you want to catch one of these prized spring salmon, known as "springers."
Travis and Rye, two guides who run trips for me, also have some open dates for steelhead in February and March, so there is still time to book a steelhead trip if you haven't done so already.
One of the photos on the left shows one of my customers putting a steelhead in the hatchery collection pen on the Chetco. This year the hatchery program depends 100 percent on donated adult steelhead to be taken to the hatchery to be spawned. My customers have donated several fish this season.
I will have a booth at the Medford sports show Feb. 19-21 at the fairgrounds in Central Point and will be giving a few seminars on ocean salmon fishing. The show will be a good time to learn more about our summer ocean charters for salmon, lingcod and rockfish.
To book a trip, call (541) 813-1082 or my cell, (206) 388-8988.
- Andy Martin, Wild Rivers Fishing.